You’ve Been Burked: Sienna D.

This beautiful girl just got her braces off, and we are loving her results! Sienna first came to us 2 years ago with a severe anterior open bite and missing permanent tooth #20 that was to take place of the baby tooth that had never fallen out.

Tooth #20 is the 5th tooth back on the lower left side of the mandible. It is 1 of the 2 identical premolars that every adult has in each quadrant of the mouth. It can be common for adults to be missing one of their premolars and in most cases can be a fairly simple and painless process to correct.

For Sienna’s case, rather than getting an implant to replace the missing permanent tooth, we were able to have her dentist remove the same tooth in each of the other 3 quadrants of her mouth. Because these teeth have an identical “twin”, in some cases, it is not necessary to have both sets of premolars and removing them can be beneficial for various reasons. For Sienna, removing one set of the premolars, not only prevented her from having to get an implant which would have been an additional cost, but also made more room in her mouth. This extra room that was created, helped us orthodontically move her teeth, put them properly into alignment and correct her anterior open bite.

After 2 years in braces and her diligence in wearing elastics, Sienna has a beautiful new smile! Sienna, thank you for smiling forward! #YouveBeenBurked

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