You’ve Been Burked-Kayla C.

We finished up Kayla’s treatment yesterday and we are beyond excited to share her results with you! Kayla was seen in our Ely office about 3 years ago with a severe deep bite and impacted canines.

Our treatment plan was to extract baby teeth #C, #H, and #M in order to Expose and Bond #6, #11, and #22. An Expose and Bond is a procedure done by an Oral Surgeon where they surgically remove part of the gums covering the impacted tooth that is otherwise hidden to the naked eye. A button and chain are then bonded in order for Dr. Burke to gain access to the impacted tooth to orthodontically pull it out of the gums and into the palate for correct alignment. As shown in the next X-ray, you can see where the button and chain were bonded, giving Dr. Burke access to the impacted teeth.

This is an extensive procedure and, when not done correctly, can result in further damage to the impacted tooth and teeth surrounding it. We were lucky to team up with an amazing Oral Surgeon, Dr. Davis, who was able to successfully give us great access to the impacted teeth. This allowed us to give Kayla the smile she has always dreamed of!

We could not be happier with her results. Kayla, thank you for Smiling forward!

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