You’ve Been Burked: Destini C..

We just finished up Destini’s orthodontic treatment and we are thrilled to share her results with you! Destini came into our office two years ago wanting to get the smile of her dreams, and we couldn’t wait to help her out.

Destini had a narrow palate and a lot of overjet (upper front teeth too far in front of the the lower front teeth), so during her consultation Dr. Burke discussed 2 different treatment options: 1) braces or Invisalign combined with jaw surgery to widen the upper jaw and advance the lower jaw forward, or 2) braces or Invisalign without jaw surgery, but instead extract 2 upper teeth so that the upper front teeth could be moved back to meet the bottom front teeth when she bites.

Destini decided to go with the extraction plan and her dentist, Dr. Plumb, removed her upper 1st premolars and we were able to get Destini’s orthodontic treatment finished in just 21 months!

We are so glad that we were able to help give Destini a beautiful smile to match her darling personality!

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