Here at Burke + Beckstrom Orthodontics, we want you to get the very most out of your Invisalign experience. That’s why we’ve compiled 4 helpful suggestions that will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment!



1 – Wear your aligners for 22 hours a day.



Dr. Burke and Dr. Beckstrom recommend that you wear your Invisalign aligners for at least 22 hours every day. Doing so will allow the technology to effectively and successfully shift your teeth to their new home. The only reason your aligners should be out is when you eat, brush your teeth, and floss. Be sure to replace them as soon as you complete one of those activities. In case you were wondering, your aligners should also be worn while you sleep because your teeth can shift and cause your overall treatment time to take longer than expected.



2 – Keep your aligner trays clean.



Similar to traditional braces, Invisalign aligners need to be cleaned constantly. Be sure to brush your aligners both morning and night. This will allow for any leftover food to be cleaned out and will help your teeth have that nice “invisible” look you love!



3 – Always brush your teeth after meals.



Not only is it important to clean and brush your Invisalign aligners, but it is absolutely vital to clean and brush your own teeth too! Doing so will prevent any food from getting stuck in your trays which will prevent any possible tooth decay. It also helps to keep your trays fitting properly so your treatment is smooth as butter. 



4 – Use your aligner case.



This may seem like a small thing but it will save you so much time and money! Whenever you have to take your Invisalign trays out, but sure to place them in their case until you put them back in again. This will help to prevent any accidents where your trays could be lost or thrown in the trash.


We hope these 4 tips help you to maximize your Invisalign treatment! Do you want to start your own Invisalign treatment for yourself? Stop by our office for a free consultation and learn why Burke + Beckstrom Orthodontics is named Invisalign’s premier provider for Southern Utah. Call us today at 435-673-3334.

Burke and Beckstrom Cedar City Office

Have you heard the big news? Burke and Beckstrom Orthodontics now has a location in Cedar City, Utah! 


Known as Festival City, Cedar City, is home to one of the five locations for Burke and Beckstrom Orthodontics. Cedar City is the bridge for many communities in Southern Utah, allowing easy access to treatment from all locations. Our beautiful, state-of-the-art office is surrounded by the great outdoors and is located in the heart of Cedar City.


We are beyond thrilled to bring the best in orthodontic treatment to this incredible city, and we are grateful to be a part of this community. 


Don’t wait, schedule your next appointment at our Cedar City office today! (435) 865-9111

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Dr. Burke working on a patient

After your braces or Invisalign treatment comes to an end, it’s now time to maintain your new smile! Although your initial treatment is over, you’ll want to follow the tips below to ensure that your smile lasts a lifetime.

Tip 1: The most important thing you can do after finishing your treatment is to wear your retainers exactly as instructed. Wearing your retainers will help your teeth stay aligned and keep your bite from shifting.

Tip 2: Keep your retainer safely in it’s case when not in your mouth. (Note, dogs LOVE to chew retainers!) If you do lose or damage your retainer, contact our office as soon as possible to have a new one made. Your retainer is the most important part of maintaining your new smile.

Tip 3: Remember that if you do have dental work done after your treatment, you may need to get a new retainer made. A retainer that fits your teeth properly will keep your teeth from shifting over time.

Tip 4: Be sure to return to our office for your periodic retainer check visits. These visits are important to follow up to treatment and help us make sure your retainers fit correctly and your new smile stays as perfect as the day you finished treatment!

Tip 5: Visit the dentist every six months for a cleaning, and remember to brush and floss those pearly whites daily! Practicing good oral hygiene is the key to maintaining a beautiful smile.
Follow these tips and you’ll be able to enjoy your new, beautiful smile for the rest of your life!

Picture of Teenager with Braces and Expander in Mouth

The Basics

A palatal expander is an appliance used to widen the palate or jaw to make room for all of your teeth. Typically, the appliance is attached to the back molars, but in some cases, it may be removable. The expander is two metal pieces joined with a special screw in the middle. By turning the screw, you increase the tension which causes the two metal pieces to move apart to slowly widen the jaw. Patients place a key in a small hole in the expander to rotate the screw every day and this gradually spreads the palate.

Why are Expanders Needed?

Expanders are used when: a patient’s upper jaw does not fit correctly with the lower jaw (crossbite), there is crowding of teeth, or when impacted teeth are blocked by teeth that have already grown in.

What to Expect

Palatal expanders are individualized for each patient to ensure the correct amount of space is created to move forward with orthodontic treatment. Widening the expander may cause some pressure and discomfort, but it is nothing to be scared of and it should only last for a short time.

Tips and Reminders

After you first get your expander, it may take a little while to get used to it. Try starting out with softer foods that don’t require a lot of chewing and stay away from sticky candy that could damage or get stuck to the expander. As always, it is important to keep up on oral hygiene as you receive orthodontic treatment. In addition to brushing and flossing, use a water flosser or syringe to flush out any food or debris that could get caught in the expander.

Have additional questions? Contact our office at  435-673-3334 for a free consultation and to see what type of orthodontic treatment is best for you and your smile!

Bowl of Candy

Halloween is almost here, and at Burke and Beckstrom Orthodontics we have some great orthodontic tips to help keep your smile in great shape!




Remember to maintain a consistent oral hygiene routine.

It’s always important to brush and floss every day, but especially around Halloween to make sure you are consistently cleaning between those braces and teeth.


Keep Water Close By.

Drink plenty of water and rinse your mouth with water anytime you eat candy to help prevent sugar from coating your teeth.


Choose “Braces-Friendly” Candy.

When deciding which Halloween candy to eat, choose something soft like a Hershey’s chocolate bar or Reese’s peanut butter cup.


Try Something Other Than Candy for a Halloween Treat.

There are plenty of other sweet treats out there that won’t damage your braces. Satisfy your sweet tooth by having a milkshake, cookies, or a cupcake instead!




Don’t Snack on Candy Throughout the Day.

If you are going to treat yourself with some candy, do so around your mealtimes rather than eating pieces throughout the day. Prolonged and repeated exposure to sugar causes damage to your enamel and coats your teeth with sugar, which can result in cavities and tooth decay.


Don’t Eat Hard or Sticky Candy.

Candy such as taffy or jolly ranchers can result in broken brackets or wires. Steer clear of any hard and sticky candies that can damage your braces and/or stick to your teeth.


Don’t Risk Popcorn.

Some people hand out popcorn balls instead of candy at Halloween. While this is a fun alternative to sweets, hold off on eating popcorn until after you get your braces off.


We want to wish you a Happy Halloween next week and remember to take extra good care of your smile!