This past weekend we had the opportunity to team up with SUNYFL and bring our custom fit mouthguards to all of their players. Saturday was the SunFest Equipment Handout and we came prepared with our 3D scanners, our awesome Burkettes, and we were ready to scan any player that wanted a custom fit mouthguard.

Sports are very popular among the youth in our community. Although there are many benefits to athletic competition, it is well known that sporting activities have an associated risk of injury and damage to the face and teeth caused by falls and collisions.

Children are most susceptible to sports-related oral injury between the ages of 7 and 17, but regardless of age, traumatic injury to the face and teeth is a significant risk for all who participate in sports.

Because of pain, psychological effects, and economic implications, the consequences of dental trauma for children and their families are substantial. However, prevention of sports-related dental trauma is both simple and inexpensive, by wearing a mouthguard.

Here at Burke Orthodontics we encourage the use of a custom-fit mouthguard for all collision and contact sports. A custom-fit mouthguard is made in our office with an intraoral scan of the top teeth, which is then made into a 3D printed model. Once a model of the teeth has been made, it is placed in a special machine, using high pressure and heat to tightly fit the protective mouthguard material to the model. The result is a perfectly fitting and comfortable mouthguard.

So please call our office if you or your child would like one of our awesome custom fit mouthguard!

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